Consolidated reverse zone

2011-03-03 - News - Chris Thompson

We have progressed past step (2), as in:

  1. If all goes well, during the first week in March we will get the delegations of the 32 zones replaced by DNAMEs in the parent zone

with thanks to the Computer Lab hostmaster for his co-operation. We have no reports of any problems at this stage.

The sample nameserver configuration

has been updated to remove the 32 zones [224-255] from the list that may be slaved. (Apart from some modifications to the comments before "", that is the only change.)

If you are slaving any or all of these 32 reverse zones, you should stop doing so now. Sometime next week we will start logging such slaving activity, and alert the administrators of any hosts involved.

The target date for step (3), the complete removal of these 32 reverse zones, remains Monday 14 March.