domain names

We host domains on the Managed Zone Service; the general information about MZS charges also applies to domains. Requests for domain names should be sent via

JISC has a naming committee that approves domain registrations, and they require some supporting documentation to justify the name. The domains that we register are typically projects that span multiple higher education / research institutions. We can provide specific advice on navigating the process; but here is an outline of what is required.

The eligibility policy for allocating domain names under mostly classifies various kinds of research and education institutions; the domain registrations that we handle are typically special projects that fall into the other catch-all categories (points 3.p and 3.r of the policy). We can help identify which point of the policy your application matches.

For most applications, the supporting documentation is covered by point 5.c of the policy, i.e. a description of the project, which organizations are involved, and some information about how it is funded. If you have an existing web page with that information, then we can include a link to that page; otherwise you can send us a description to include in the application.

You don't need to be concerned with the formal aspects; we will take care of filling the request forms and so forth.

It usually takes about a week to get approval, though JISC's policy allows them to take longer.

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