SQL DDL for the IP Register database

The Cambridge IP registration database is implemented using the same Oracle instance as the Common Registration Service database. Although CS registrars use SQL level access to the database to perform some management functions, and the primary access controls are implemented at the Oracle level, we do not encourage institutional COs to use any form of access other than that provided by the web pages.

The SQL scripts shown here are provided primarily as information for the inquisitively minded. Be warned that they may be out of date as regards the currently active database.

  • create.sql - Runs the other scripts in the order below.

  • drop.sql - Removes the previous database.

  • ip_pkg.sql - Creates a package of publicly available PL/SQL procedures.

  • tables.sql - Defines all the tables and indexes of the database.

  • packages.sql - Creates a package of private PL/SQL procedures.

  • triggers.sql - Defines all the triggers of the database.

  • inserts.sql - Minimal initial insertions into a new database.

  • views.sql - Defines all the views used by end-users of the database.

  • grants_ipdns.sql - Grants access to the Oracle account used for DNS updates.

  • gossamer.sql - Extra apparatus used for Managed Web Server and Falcon registrations.

  • ipfilter.sql - Extra apparatus used to maintain reservations for CUDN exceprtions.

  • rpz.sql - Extra apparatus used to auto-expire Response Policy Zone blocks and exceptions.