IP Register version numbers

The project to revamp the IP Regster database requires a couple of incompatible changes to the IP Register user interface and APIs.

There is a major version number change for each of these incompatible changes; there is no formal sub-version numbering because we intend to maintain forwards compatibility within each major version.

Version 0

Pre-history, before the Computing Service became responsible for the University's DNS.

Version 1

Changes requested by email to ip-register@uis.cam.ac.uk (and predecessor email addresses).

Version 2

The Oracle database hosted on Jackdaw.

The user inteface is at https://jackdaw.cam.ac.uk/ipreg/ and automated access is supported for list_ops and xlist_ops.

Version 3 (work in progress)

This will be a transitional version, working the same way as v2 but with different URLs. (The change of URL requires a change of version number.) At first the back-end will continue on the Oracle database on Jackdaw; later it will move to its own PostgreSQL database without changing the UI or API.

The user inteface will be at https://v3.dns.cam.ac.uk/ and automated access will be supported for list_ops and xlist_ops as before.

Version 4 (planned)

The move to PostgreSQL should make it easier to revamp the IP Register user interface and API.

The user inteface will be at https://v4.dns.cam.ac.uk/ and the API design uses JSON-RPC.