Authoritative DNS servers

Our authoritative DNS servers publish the DNS for and our other domains to the world. They also provide zone transfer services for use by stealth secondaries on the CUDN.

This page lists the servers we use with a rough guide to how they are used. This information is principally for DNS administrators in the University who would like an overview of what is available. Contact us if you need more specific advice.

Central servers

The table below sometimes contains multiple entries in a box, because we are in the process of renaming and renumbering.

server names IPv4 IPv6 2001:630:212:8::d:a0 2001:630:212:12::d:a1

There is currently a slight difference in usage between these two servers: when our domains list only one server, they use auth0.

We provide off-site authoritative service for a number of friendly research and education institutions, generally on auth1.

We also have some test servers which are used to validate configuration changes before rolling out to the live servers.

Other on-site servers

We have reciprocal secondarying arrangements with the Computer Lab and Engineering.

server names location setup on site manual on site manual

The Faculty of Mathematics also have their own DNS servers.

Off-site servers

We have a reciprocal secondarying arrangement with Imperial College. Other Cambridge institutions have similar arrangements with Imperial, though they are organized semi-independently.

The UIS pays a subscription to ISC to use their global anycast secondary name service. Other University institutions are welcome to use this service; contact us for more details.

server names location setup London manual global automated

We have work in progress to obtain more off-site servers, provided by Mythic Beasts, with similar automation to our ISC SNS setup.