Domain names

We provide advice and technical support for registering DNS domain names. The exact process depends on the name:

Subdomains within institutions

Responsibility for names of the form or is delegated to computing staff in the relevant institutions. (Arbitrary nested subdomains are allowed.) Please contact your local IT support if you need a domain name for use within your institution.

Top-level domains under

The UIS has is a naming committee that has responsibility for allocating domains immediately under and in certain umbrella subdomains such as The guidelines for requesting domain names within explain the application process.

Institutions with excessively short domain names can request a long form alias for friendlier email addresses and URLs.

In most instances, domains under are administered through the IP Register database.

Other domains under

As with other domains, we host domains on the Managed Zone Service. However, there is a more complicated application process for domains; contact and we will guide you through what is required.

Domains outside

Our domain registration and hosting service is called the Managed Zone Service.