Conditions of issue of IP addresses

The IP Register database records IP address allocations for use on the CUDN.

IP address allocations are subject to the rules and guidelines for use of the CUDN and the JANET acceptable use policy.

In most cases, we allocate IP address subnets to institutions, and delegate control over allocation of individual addresses to IT staff in those institutions.

IT staff can contact to amend the list of people with access to the IP Register database for their institution.

The details of network connectivity and configuration are described on our pages about The University's data network services.

IP addresses are assigned only on a temporary basis; they do not become the property of the person or institution they are assigned to. When a subnet ceases to be used for its assigned purpose, we must be informed so that the addresses can be reassigned for some other purpose. This is necessary because there is a fixed supply of IPv4 addresses.

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