Managed Zone Service

The Managed Zone Service is our domain registration and hosting service for domains. Please email if you have any queries about the MZS.

To register a domain, please email with:

  • The domain name
  • The user IDs of the domain's manager(s)
  • A University or College purchase order

The purchase order should be marked "MZS for (your domain name)". The charge is £200 for University institutions, or £200 plus VAT for colleges. This covers five years of registration fees and hosting costs for a single domain.

We can register domain names under most top-level domains; there is a more complicated application process for domains.

You can search whois to check that a domain name is available.

The managers of a domain on the MZS will normally be members of staff. The MZS web user interface allows domain owners to manage the contents of the DNS zone file for their domain(s) and change the list of managers.

You are free to use external registrars for domain names under other TLDs; the advantage of the MZS is that the UIS provides consistent management and long-term continuity.

You may wish to consider using the Managed Web Service to host your website and having a Managed Mail Domain to provide email addresses.

Update times

DNS updates happen hourly at 52 minutes past the hour, and they take a few minutes to complete