Automated access to IP Register

API access to the IP Register database is based on submitting web forms to the list_ops or xlist_ops pages.

You need to download a special long-term cookie for API access:

The do_it form field corresponds to the action buttons on the web page. You can use a GET request for read-only actions, but read-write actions must use POST.

  • list_ops read-only actions:

    • list_domain

    • list_lan

    • list_mzone

    • list_subnet

  • xlist_ops read-only actions:

    • list_domain

    • list_mzone

  • list_ops and xlist_ops read-write actions:

    • modify

    • register

    • rename

    • rescind

Please consult the web page source code using your browser developer tools for details of the other form fields.

UIS internal API

There is a privileged IP Register API for UIS services that need to create cross-mzone CNAMEs, typically for web sites.