Consolidated reverse zone

2011-02-16 - News - Chris Thompson

We are planning to extend the IP address range covered by the consolidated reverse zone, described here last November, to include 128.232.[224-255].x. The web page

has been updated with the planned schedule and some new advice for users of Windows DNS Server.

To summarise:

  1. On Monday 21 February we will replace the the 32 zones [224-255] by versions using DNAMEs that indirect into

  2. If all goes well, during the first week in March we will get the delegations of the 32 zones replaced by DNAMEs in the parent zone

  3. If all still goes well, we plan to remove the 32 zones [224-255] completely on Monday 14 March.

The schedule is rather tight because we want to complete this work during full term if possible. If there have to be substantial delays, some of the later steps will be postponed until after Easter.

BIND users who want to slave zones providing reverse lookup for substantially the whole CUDN should slave "" and "" (the latter from the CL nameservers) if they are not already doing so, and they should cease slaving the 32 zones [224-255] after step (2) but before step (3). [There will be a further announcement here when step (2) has been completed.]

Windows DNS Server users should note that we no longer recommend that they should stealth slave any zones, see

If you do feel you must continue such stealth slaving, the earlier link contains advice about which versions support zones

containing DNAMEs and which do not. In particular, those using Windows 2003 or 2003R2 should cease slaving any of the zones

[224-255] as soon as possible, before step (1).