Work planning

2019-08-29 - Future - Tony Finch

I'm back from a summer holiday and it is "Back to School" season, so now seems like a good time to take stock and write down some plans.

This is roughly in order of priority.

IP Register v3 web interface

This has been my main focus over the last few months. The remaining work is:

  • the list, xlist, and table ops pages;

  • more friendly input validation;

  • documentation, both internals and user-facing;

  • deployment!

COTS IPAM evaluation

As a possible alternative to IP Register v4. I should have enough headspace to look at this properly after the v3 rollout.

New server hardware

The current recursive DNS server hardware is nearly 5 years old so it is due for a refresh. (The recursive servers are bare metal to avoid dependency loops with other services.)

Operating system upgrade

The DNS systems need to move from Debian 9 "Stretch" to 10 "Buster". It's probably easiest to do this after the new hardware has arrived.

Abolish old authdns server names

This is a leftover from the renaming project started last year. This involves:

  • completing the registr* client automation for maintaining our domain delegations;

  • updating our secondary DNS arrangements, probably including separating zone transfers and secondary service from our authoritative servers;

And then...

After that there will be more work moving the back-end IP Register database off Oracle on Jackdaw, then more work on improving the web user interface. The details are murky.