First ops page ported

2019-05-15 - Progress - Tony Finch

Yesterday I reached a milestone: I have ported the first "ops" page from the old IP Register web user interface on Jackdaw to the new one that will live on the DNS web servers. It's a trivial admin page for setting the message of the day, but it demonstrates that the infrastructure is (mostly) done.

Security checks

I have spent the last week or so trying to get from a proof of concept to something workable. Much of this work has been on the security checks. The old UI has:

  • Cookie validation (for Oracle sessions)

  • Raven authentication

  • TOTP authentication for superusers

  • Second cookie validaion for TOTP

  • CSRF checks

There was an awkward split between the Jackdaw framework and the ipreg-specific parts which meant I needed to add a second cookie when I added TOTP authentication.

In the new setup I have upgraded the cookie to modern security levels, and it handles both Oracle and TOTP session state.

    my @cookie_attr = (
            -name     => '__Host-Session',
            -path     => '/',
            -secure   => 1,
            -httponly => 1,
            -samesite => 'strict',

The various "middleware" authentication components have been split out of the main HTTP request handler so that the overall flow is much easier to see.

State objects

There is some fairly tricky juggling in the old code between:

  • CGI request object

  • WebIPDB HTTP request handler object

  • IPDB database handle wrapper

  • Raw DBI handle

The CGI object is gone. The mod_perl Apache2 APIs are sufficient replacements, and the HTML generation functions are being replaced by mustache templates. (Though there is some programmatic form generation in table_ops that might be awkward!)

I have used Moo roles to mixin the authentication middleware bits to the main request handler object, which works nicely. I might do the same for the IPDB object, though that will require some refactoring of some very old skool OO perl code.


The plan is to port the rest of the ops pages as directly as possible. There is going to be a lot of refactoring, but it will all be quite superficial. The overall workflow is going to remain the same, just more purple.

mobile message of the day form with error