Old recdns.csx names have been abolished

2019-01-28 - News - Tony Finch

As previously announced, the old recursive DNS server names have been removed from the DNS, so the new names are now canonical.  recdns0.csx.cam.ac.uk -> rec0.dns.cam.ac.uk recdns1.csx.cam.ac.uk -> rec1.dns.cam.ac.uk

A digression for the historically curious: the authdns and recdns names date from May 2006, when they were introduced to prepare for separating authoritative and recursive DNS service.

Until 2006, was known as chimaera.csx.cam.ac.uk. It had been our primary DNS server since September/October 1995. Before then, our DNS was hosted on CUS, the Central Unix Service.

And had been known as c01.csi.cam.ac.uk (or comms01) since before my earliest records in October 1991.