Brexit and .eu domain names

2019-01-09 - News - Tony Finch

This message is for the attention of anyone who has used a third-party DNS provider to register a .eu domain name, or a domain name in another European country-class two-letter top-level domain.

Last year, EURID (the registry for .eu domain names) sent out a notice about the effect of Brexit on .eu domain names registered in the UK. The summary is that .eu domains may only be registered by organizations or individuals in the EU, and unless any special arrangements are made (which has not happened) this will not include the UK after Brexit, so UK .eu domain registrations will be cancelled.

Other European country-class TLDs may have similar restrictions (for instance, Italy's .it).

Sadly we cannot expect our government to behave sensibly, so you have to make your own arrangements for continuity of your .eu domain.

The best option is for you to find one of your collaborators in another EU country who is able to take over ownership of the domain.

We have contacted the owners of .eu domains registered through our Managed Zone Service. Those who registered a .eu domain elsewhere should contact their DNS provider for detailed support.

Edited to add: Thanks to Elliot Page for pointing out that this problem may apply to other TLDs as well as .eu

Edited to add (2019-07-22): There has been an update to the .eu eligibility criteria.