The missing checklist

2019-01-07 - Progress - Tony Finch

Before I rename/upgrade any more servers, this is the checklist I should have written last month...

For rename

  • Ensure both new and old names are in the DNS

  • Rename the host in ipreg/ansible/bin/make-inventory and run the script

  • Run ipreg/ansible/bin/ssh-knowhosts to update ~/.ssh/known_hosts

  • Rename host_vars/$SERVER and adjust the contents to match a previously renamed server (mutatis mutandis)

  • For recursive servers, rename the host in ipreg/ansible/roles/keepalived/files/vrrp-script and ipreg/ansible/inventory/dynamic

For both

  • Ask infra-sas@uis to do the root privilege parts of the netboot configuration - rename and/or new OS version as required

For upgrade

  • For DHCP servers, save a copy of the leases file by running:

    ansible-playbook dhcpd-shutdown-save-leases.yml \
        --limit $SERVER
  • Run the preseed.yml playbook to update the unprivileged parts of the netboot config

  • Reboot the server, tell it to netboot and do a preseed install

  • Wait for that to complete

  • For DHCP servers, copy the saved leases file to the server.

  • Then run:

        ansible-playbook -e all=1 --limit $SERVER main.yml

For rename

  • Update the rest of the cluster's view of the name

    git push
    ansible-playbook --limit new main.yml