DNS-over-TLS snapshot

2018-10-10 - Progress - Tony Finch

Some quick stats on how much the new DNS-over-TLS service is being used:

At the moment (Wednesday mid-afternoon) we have about

  • 29,000 - 31,000 devices on the wireless network

  • 3900 qps total on both recursive servers

  • about 15 concurrent DoT clients (s.d. 4)

  • about 7qps DoT (s.d. 5qps)

  • 5s TCP idle timeout

  • 6.3s mean DoT connection time (s.d. 4s - most connections are just over 5s, they occasionally last as long as 30s; mean and s.d. are not a great model for this distribution)

  • DoT connections very unbalanced, 10x fewer on than on

The rule of thumb that number of users is about 10x qps suggests that we have about 70 Android Pie users, i.e. about 0.2% of our userbase.