Some small changes to sample.named.conf

2014-07-23 - News - Tony Finch

The UIS have taken over the management of the DNS entries for the MRC Biostatistics Unit subnets 193.60.[86-87].x. As a result, the zones


can now be slaved from the authdns*.csx servers by hosts within the CUDN, and they have been added to the sample BIND configuration at

Those who feel they must slave enough reverse zones to cover the whole CUDN may want to include them. These zones are not yet signed, but we expect them to be within a week or two.

A number of cosmetic changes to the comments in the sample configuration have also been made, mostly bringing up to date matters like the versions of BIND still being actively supported by ISC.

Those who use an explicit root hints file may want to note that a new version was issued in early June, adding an IPv6 address to B.ROOT-SERVERS.NET. The copy at was updated.