DHCP-related data in the IP registration database

2014-07-07 - News - Chris Thompson

Many users of the IP registration database web interface will have noticed the appearance some time ago of mac and dhcp_group fields on the single_ops page, as well as related changes visible via the table_ops page.

These were intended in the first instance for maintaining a DHCP service for internal use in the UCS. It was perhaps unwise of us to make them visible outside and raise users' expectations prematurely. It remains a work in progress, and we have had to make changes of detail that affected some of those who had set these fields. The notes here describe the current state.

Although the single_ops page doesn't make this obvious, the mac and dhcp_group fields are properties of the IP address rather than the box. If a box or vbox has multiple IP addresses, each one can have its own values for them. The fields are cleared automatically when the IP address is rescinded.

MAC addresses can be entered in any of the usual formats but are displayed as colon-separated. Because the intent is to support DHCP servers, MAC addresses (if set) are required to be unique within any particular mzone/lan combination. A non-null dhcp_group value is intended to indicate non-default DHCP options. To support automated processing, it must correspond to a registered dhcp_group object for the given mzone/lan which can be created, modified or deleted via table_ops. The values should contain only alphanumeric, hyphen and underline characters.

The degree to which any of this is of use to users outside the UIS is currently very limited. We do intend to add more usability features, though.