Removing some registrations in

2012-07-08 - News - Chris Thompson

The following will be relevant primarily to those who are performing DNSSEC validation.

It will soon be the second anniversary of the date on which the root zone was signed, 15 July 2010. By now, everyone seriously into the business of DNSSEC validation should be using a trust anchor for the root zone, whether or not they also use lookaside validation via a trust anchor for The latter facility was always meant to be an aid to early deployment of DNSSEC, not a permanent solution. While it remains useful to cover the many unsigned gaps in the tree of DNS zones, it no longer seems appropriate to have entries for DNS zones that can be validated via a chain of trust from the root zone.

Therefore, on or about 15 July 2012, we shall be dropping the entries for the two zones and from the zone, as these have now have had chains of trust from the root zone for well over a year. We will be retaining the entries for a number of our signed reverse zones whose parent zones are not yet signed - for details see