New box_ops web page

2011-05-22 - News - Chris Thompson

There is a new box_ops page which can be used as an alternative to the multihome_ops page to manipulate the registrations of hosts ("boxes" in the terminology of the IP registration database) with more than one IP address.

Its functions and display are simpler than those of multihome_ops and more in line with those of the other web pages. Unlike multihome_ops it supports the addition or removal of IPv6 addresses (if any are assigned to the user's management zones) as well as IPv4 ones. However, it is lacking some of the facilities available with multihome_ops such as: using wildcards with display, selecting by address, and displaying detailed properties of the associated IP address objects.

We hope to add at least some of these facilities to box_ops (and to other pages, such as vbox_ops) in due course, and to eliminate the necessity to keep mutihome_ops in its current form. The main reason for releasing box_ops now in this somewhat undeveloped state is its support for IPv6 addresses.