cs-nameservers-announce copies on ucam.comp.tcp-ip newsgroup

2010-06-09 - News - Chris Thompson

On Sep 30 2008, I wrote:

It has been the practice to post copies of messages posted to the cs-nameservers-announce mailing list to the local newsgroup ucam.comp.tcp-ip.

The local newsgroups ucam.* are expected to be phased out before long, so I propose that we discontinue this practice. If anyone feels differently, please let us know.

At that time, we received pleas to continue the copies to the ucam.comp.tcp-ip newsgroup for as long as it remained in existence (which has in fact been much longer than was then anticipated). However, its demise now really is imminent, see e.g.


Therefore I have removed the references to ucam.comp.tcp-ip from the mailing list description and from the sample.named.conf file, and this message will be the last one copied to the newsgroup.