to be signed on Monday 3 August

2009-07-31 - News - Chris Thompson

We intend to make a signed DNS zone next Monday morning, 3 August 2009. We believe that those most likely to be adversely affected are the Windows DNS Server clients within the CUDN that are slaving it. The following is taken from

which we will update in the light of experience.

Only Windows 2008 R2 is practically trouble-free in this context. Earlier versions will generate very large numbers of messages in the system log about unknown record types, and may not result in a usable copy of the zone.

However, with Windows 2003 R2 or Windows 2008 you can use the registry option described at

(using the 0x2 setting) and this should allow you to slave a signed zone, although not actually to use the signatures.

For other versions, or in any case if problems arise, you can slave the zone from [] instead of from and/or This server provides unsigned versions of all the zones described as available for slaving from

the latter addresses in

for transfer to clients within within the CUDN. It should not be used for any other purpose.

Any problems should be referred to