SOA serial numbers in UCS-maintained zones

2009-07-21 - News - Chris Thompson

This should only be of concern to those who look at SOA serial numbers for diagnostic information. Up to now we have used the


format for the zones the Computing Service maintains. We are about to switch to using "seconds since 1900-01-01" (not 1970-01-01, because we need the change to be an increase, in RFC 1982 terms). This is part of the preparations for using DNSSEC-signed zones, where some SOA serial increases are imposed by BIND as part of the re-signing operations.

All of our zones now contain an HINFO record at the apex which contains version information in the old format; e.g.

$ dig +short hinfo
"SERIAL" "2009072120"

We expect these to remain a human-readable version indication, although not necessarily in exactly this format.