More about DNSSEC validation, and signing the zone

2009-05-28 - News - Chris Thompson

Further to the request posted on 6 May to try using the testdns*.csi validating nameservers (and with thanks to the few who did so!) there have been some queries as to how you can configure DNSSEC validation in your own recursive nameservers. There are some notes on that here:

As a separate but related exercise, we plan to sign our own zones, starting with, as soon as we can. To investigate the problems involved, we have set up a signed almost-clone of, called cam.test, and made it available in various ways within the CUDN. Some of the things you could try doing with it are described here:

[The fact that these web pages are in a personal space rather than in, say, emphasizes their temporary and provisional nature. Please don't let that stop you reading them!]