Frequency of DNS updates

2009-03-17 - News - Chris Thompson

This message, like the earlier ones referred to, was sent to ucam-itsupport at lists because it is of concern to all IPreg database updaters, not just to stealth slave administrators. However, it has been plausibly suggested that they ought to have been sent to cs-nameservers-announce at lists as well, if only so that they appear in its archives. Therefore, this one is being so sent!

Subsequent to the changes of schedule to every 12 hours (September) and every 6 hours (November), we have now made a further increase in the number of (potential) updates to our DNS zones. Currently the regular update job runs at approximately

01:00, 09:00, 13:00, 17:00 and 21:00

each day (the exact times are subject to variation and should not be relied upon). We are reserving the 05:00 slot, at which actual changes would be very rare, for other maintenance activity.

The "refresh" parameter for these zones has also been reduced from 6 hours to 4 hours: this is the amount by which stealth slaves may be out of date (in the absence of network problems). The TTL values for individual records remains 24 hours: this is how long they can remain in caches across the Internet.