Changes to the sample nameserver configuration

2007-08-20 - News - Chris Thompson

Three changes have been made to the sample configuration for "stealth" slave nameservers on the CUDN.

First, the configuration files have been moved from


and internal references have been adjusted to match. The old location will contain copies of the updated files only for a very limited overlap period.

Second, the sample.named.conf file now recommends use of

notify no;

in the "options" statement. BIND is by default profligate with its use of notify messages, and a purely stealth nameserver can and should dispense with them. See the comments in the file for what to do if you also master or officially slave other DNS zones.

Third, comments in the file previously suggested that one could use a "type forward" zone for Although this does work for the corresponding private reverse zones, it does not for the forward zone if itself is being slaved. In that case, if you don't want to slave the whole of, then you should use a "type stub" zone instead. See the new comments for details.