More delegated control of CNAMEs

2005-12-19 - News - Chris Thompson

Up until now ordinary users of the IP registration database have only been allowed to modify certain fields (targetname, purpose, remarks) in existing CNAMEs, and in particular not to create or delete them. These restrictions have now been removed. CNAMEs for which both the name and the targetname are in domains which the user has access to can be freely created, updated and deleted, subject to the existing consistency constraints: for example, that the target_name actually refers to an existing database record.

Such operations can be done using the table_ops page after selecting object type cname, in ways that will be familiar to those who have performed modifications to existing CNAMEs in the past. We recognise that this interface is somewhat clunky, and a tailored cname_ops web page may be made available in the future.

There is a maximum number of CNAMEs associated with each management zone in the database, which can be altered only by us. hese limits have been set high enough that we do not expect sensible use of CNAMEs to reach them very often. Users will be expected to review their existing CNAMEs before asking for an increase.